Sunday, November 08, 2009

It's Been a Long Time Coming

I used to blog quite a bit. I’d write about music, travel, guitars, weather, education, and my cats. There came a point when I realized that I was writing more and more about the death of my parents. It was cathartic for me, somewhat interesting to my close friends and family, but in general, not the stuff of which blogs are made. So I stopped blogging.

So, what’s new in my world since I stopped?

Hmm….. my old Compaq laptop (my first laptop) that I bought in 2004 finally made it obvious that it was not going to last much longer. I wanted to buy a MacBook Pro, but could not justify the price tag. Oh, Consumer Reports loves them, and I usually go along with what Consumer Reports says…. But…. I just couldn’t. So, I bought a nicely rated Dell. Disaster. Hard drive was bad almost from the start. Took it back (past its exchange date) and they wanted to repair it. Nope, the computer was new and I wanted a replacement. So I chose another well rated PC, a Toshiba. The Toshiba was nice enough, but the Apple kept calling to me. Finally, I decided that I had to. I went down to the Apple store and left with a computer that cost about the same as my first new Toyota Corolla in 1974. I expect it to match that amazing Toyota in service and longevity. So far, so good. I have a lot to learn and need a pair of good reading glasses for the small icon labels.

I went to a pottery show yesterday. I had gone to this studio show/sale two years ago (blew my mind when I realized it had been TWO years) and bought two very different pieces by the same artist. I liken them to siblings, sharing genetics but so very different. Perhaps I’ll take some pictures and post them. I’d hoped that artist would be there again, but he wasn’t. I wrote to the link on his website and found that he’d moved back to his home place of Indonesia.

Then there’s Facebook. Enough said, eh? Many of my friends who used to blog have given it up because of Facebook. Now we’re all in touch, we can share links, pictures, thoughts, all in small, easily digested packages. I love it. I can see what my children are doing, I can check in on my favourite music, I can search for old friends. I have reached the 200 friend mark, and did go in and take off a few that I never communicate with. It’s an interesting social medium, but makes me wonder what the next big thing will be and what it will be like.

Coffee. Have all but stopped drinking it. I save it for times when I need to get a million things done and know I won’t have the energy at the end of a long day. Otherwise I drink one cup of PJ Tips tea through the morning…

Fall in Southern California. Hot one day, cool the next, wonderful evenings.

Holidays. Last year I was so excited to be going back to NC for the holidays. I hadn’t seen my dad in a year and was so looking forward to spending some good time with him. It wasn’t to be. Two days after I arrived, he went into the hospital, six days later he died. I got to say goodbye, but I wasn’t ready to. This year has been about trying to get my head around the reality of both of my parents being dead. So this year I am again traveling back in hopes of spending some good time with my family…. This year it will happen.


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