Monday, March 31, 2008

Too Much and Nothing

If I look at a friend's blog and there are no new posts for a few weeks, I wonder what is happening with them. I wonder if life has become too rich or busy for them to spend time at the computer, I wonder if they have grown bored with the medium or if no one has told them in a while how much they enjoy reading their posts...

I look at my blog and see one from January 10th ~ from just after I came back to Los Angeles from visiting with family in North Carolina for a few weeks. I put up a picture of my dear brother Greg and a tiny bit of a very big story about us. There's a fascinating story there, damn, there's a BOOK there that is just waiting to be written. My other brother, the youngest of we three, gave the yet unwritten book the title The Flower Child, The Redneck, and the Fag. Oh, but I digress.

Posting. I have a link on my task bar that says "Friend's Blogs" and I check it 'most every evening before I go to bed. I peek in on Hannah (my former student and dear friend's daughter). I am always surprised and delighted by Gracie's blog . I can hear JJ's voice in hers (Apparently Los Angeles is "too small," for some folks, so JJ took hers down.) Diane has a wonderful gardening blog. My friend Kim has a great Daily Photo page (and yes she posts every day!) Through Kim's, I found another Daily Photo site that I love. It is so well written and it is based where my youngest son Eli lives, New York City. It's called New York Daily Photo. I enjoy reading posts from Montessori teachers who are creative and who deeply understand the peace curriculum inherent in Montessori education. I always look at the Montessori Mama blog each night. My hometown guy D.R. Adams has a great little personal blog that I love seeing. He chronicles his daily life in New York City, alludes to his growing up in Jacksonville and Raleigh, North Carolina, and gives a glimpse of how somebody pulls out of the "get famous and then (possibly try not to) crash and burn" scenario. (Ryan decided that the public chronicle of his breakdown was too much, and took his down.)

My dearest friend Randall has a blog that is wonderful to read.... hey Randall, post something new!

Ah... I so appreciate these glimpses into other lives, other worlds, other passions. But I haven't posted since January 10th! Why? I feel so neglectful!

Busy? Heaven's yes. I am teaching and directing at a dynamic and complex parent cooperative school. I work an average of about 50 hours per week for the school. I am a half-time student at UCLA Extension. I have family on the east coast and friends on the west coast and .... and .... and ....

Usually my *muse* grabs me and says "write about this!" but lately that hasn't happened. What have I been thinking about? I've been watching the HBO miniseries "John Adams" with great enjoyment. (Strange, because I don't have a TV, eh?) I find myself lamenting my history classes that never let history come alive. It's so incredibly amazing to see, in retrospect, what happened in our past. I've always had a strange and ethereal connection to Thomas Jefferson (without knowing an enormous amount about him). Watching his character in this series has reignited that interest.

My friend Hayes Carll gave me an advance copy of his new CD, and though it sounds great, I simply haven't been able to get into it. Very little new music has grabbed me in quite a few months.

Other friends I See Hawks in LA have a new album coming out on May 20th. I've heard about seventy percent of the new songs and they are amazing, so it is something I'm looking forward to. I'm sure it will inspire me to gush.

Perhaps posts are brewing.

Don't give up on me.


At 8:57 PM, Blogger diane said...

I know where that picture was taken. thanks for the kind words. HOpe all is well.

At 12:44 AM, Blogger ~mona~ said...

Yes, I love the Self Realization Fellowship on Mount Washington. Beautiful, restful place.


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