Sunday, April 08, 2007

Tree Spirit

I love trees... I bought my house in North Carolina partly because I fell in love with the two trees in the front yard. They weren't perfectly beautiful, but they were haggardly majestic pecan trees. I'd touch them when I'd come home, I hugged them goodbye when I moved away.

There have been other trees I've loved too. Dogwood, live oak, cedar, maple, ginkgo, pecan, pine, palm. I remember the houses I've lived in, but I even more remember the trees surrounding them. I remember my yard blanketed with yellow maple leaves. I remember with incredible pain losing all but one of my dogwood trees to hurricane flooding and disease. I remember the first year the pecan trees blessed us with an overwhelming number of nuts. Trees have always been central to my life.

The Tree Spirit Project is... well.... I'll let you decide.

The artist who created the project lent his support to a group of people in Berkeley, California who were trying to save a grove of live oak trees (I have the hardest time not capitalizing the names of trees ~ I think of them as proper nouns).

He knew that his "people get naked with trees" would attract the media . Here's a video of the photo shoot.


At 7:05 AM, Blogger diane said...

thanks Mona. I love the trees too. We are about to buy a house and it has the most large pine (I'm not sure what kind yet) right in the front. I know what you mean because I'm drawn to the house becuase of the tree, then I worry about the roots etc... We'll see what happens. Thanks for your comments!


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