Saturday, December 30, 2006

To every guitar there is a purpose...

Many times over the past few months I've found myself wanting a small guitar to play at The Garden School. I have several at home ~ one of those is even a small Martin that travels well. When I would leave for work in the morning, with all intentions of taking it with me, I would fill my hands with other things and then decide that the guitar was too much to carry. So, in the three months I've been at the school, I have not once played a guitar with the kids.

So... I started looking around for one to keep at school. I love the shape of the Tacoma parlor guitars, and had seen an Olympia 3/4 parlor-style guitar at Harry's Guitar Shop in Raleigh, NC that had a similar look and feel. Of course it didn't sound like the $1200 Tacoma I'd been looking at, but it sounded much better than I expected. I didn't buy one then, but recently decided to look around and see if I'd have any luck on Ebay.

I found one right away... with a gig bag... for a total price of $39.99!

It arrived a couple days ago. I have enjoyed playing it at home ~ and am having twinges of hearing it (I haven't figured out if it is a girl or boy guitar yet) ask me to keep it here and not send it to school...

But... it starts to school on January 2nd. I think it is going to have a great time.


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