Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Gong Show

Today was my last day at The Garden School... Tomorrow is graduation for the children who will be attending kindergarten next year. It is a fun and fantasy-rich celebration.

One day this year I took my gong for show and tell. The dad who is coordinating the graduation ceremony asked if I would like to share it as part of the ceremony. I thought quite a while about it and decided that it might be just the right touch for a meaningful departure.

There was a show on TV back in the 70's called The Gong Show. It was a talent show and the contestants would be "gonged" in the midst of their performance ~ their sign that their performance was over.

So at graduation we will use my gong to signal the graduates' passage out of The Garden. The difference is, *they* will sound the gong ~ they will make the transition.

I will sound the gong for myself... I will make the passage too.

I will bring my gong home and hang it from my trellis.

It will be imbued with a spirit of transcendence and good karma.


At 10:15 AM, Blogger ro said...

last day as in very last day or just end of the year?
the gong is wonderful.
miss you
love you

At 8:44 PM, Blogger diane said...

Beautifully stated!

At 10:22 PM, Blogger Gracie said...

We love you our friend. :)


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